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Infant sleep may seem so complicated; but with the right swaddles and sound your baby can feel like they’re back safe in the womb! We believe that everyone should have access to the tools for a well rested baby! This is the box that started them all.


Babies are biologically calmed by white/brown/pink noise. That is why we have included our favorite sound tools to support healthy baby sleep:
  • Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine - A clear high quality sound machine with a non looping fan.
  • Shusher - A tool that shushes so you don’t have to for hours on end.
Babies sleep best when they feel snug and comfortable. Our favorite swaddles are easy to use and make a big difference:
  • Woombie Grow-With-Me - Transitional swaddle allowing your baby to have more freedom with their arms that goes from newborn to 18 months.
  • Gunapod Swaddle Sack - A weighted swaddle with an easy to use zipper for middle of the night diaper changes. 
  • Miracle Blanket - Easy to use option for parents that struggle with the muslin swaddle..
Not all pacifiers are created equal! Your baby will find just the right way to self-soothe with our favorite pacifiers:
  • MaM Pacifier - A pacifier that works well with babies that have a tongue tie.
  • Dr Browns Pacifier - A wider pacifier shaped just like their bottle nipple.
  • Bibs Pacifier - A pacifier that has a longer more narrow nipple made of natural rubber..
As Newborn Care Specialists, we know that there is a lot to learn and keep track of with a new baby. We created these tools just for you:
  • Custom Jules and Anya Baby Tracker - As newborn care specialists, we know that there is a lot to learn and keep track of with a new baby. We created this tool to help you keep track of how much your baby is eating, sleeping and pooping. [$19 value].
  • Our Custom Product Guide - Tips and tricks on how to use each item in the essentials box.
  • Surprise Gift - From time to time we toss in free gifts that we find helpful.


This box was developed to give you the knowledge and confidence to help you teach your baby how to sleep and can set your baby up for healthy sleep habits that can last a lifetime.

Every single item in this box has been successfully used by us with multiple babies, and multiple families. We don’t promote items because companies pay us to, or because of their resale value, or because they are trending. We only include products that we wholeheartedly believe that every parent should have in their home.

As Newborn Care Specialists and Sleep Consultants our goal is a sleeping baby [and a sleeping family] by twelve weeks. With the right room environment, the right swaddle, and the right education- we believe this goal is possible for most babies! Let us help you make this goal a reality!

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