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Jules + Anya was built with the combined experience, knowledge and love that Kristin and Karina share for helping new parents being successful in their parenting journey.

I’m Kristin, Co-Founder of Jules and Anya.

Kristin Smith Founder Jules + Anya

After being a nanny for over a dozen children, Kristin fell in love with birth and postpartum support. Since 2009 Kristin has attended 112 births and has supported over 200 families and over 50 sets of twins [as of July, 2020].

In 2016 she launched her in-home postpartum support agency, Nightingale Night Nurses. Kristin is a wizard with matching parents with the perfect team member, and getting it done FAST. She is the brains and the muscle of the whole operation!

Her team at Nightingales has put in over two hundred thousand hours of support to help new parents! She’s built up Nightingales to provide not only 24/7 postpartum support, but also sleep training, nanny hiring and parent/nanny coaching!

Her team of Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, RNs, LPNs and Sleep Consultants all are rigorously background checked, and only the best in experience and training are hired on. This family is the core team that is the backbone behind Jules and Anya. The knowledge, advice and support of actual EXPERTS with boots on the ground in the field!

Kristin lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Gerard and her daughter Juliana [Jules]. She enjoys her morning coffee for survival, family hikes, movies, family games, long walks on the beach and her favorite pastime is watching her daughter play softball.

Kristin has trained as an Integrative Sleep Consultant, a Birth Doula, a Postpartum Doula, a Midwife and a Newborn Care Specialist.

And I’m Karina, Co-Founder of Jules and Anya.

Karina started her career as a toddler teacher, and then as a nanny and Newborn Care Specialist. She specialized in newborn-three years old. As time went on, and she earned degrees in Early Childhood Education and in Child Development, she honed in that age range. Karina still specializes in newborn-three years old, but her real speciality is in newborn-6 months!

In early 2019 she began working for Nightingale Night Nurses. She works there currently as the Nanny Placement Coordinator, a Parent/Nanny Coach, a Sleep Trainer, the social media guru, blogger and Kristin’s back end/front end of all the things that overflow.

Karina loves babies, and that love has transferred over to her daughter, Anya. Anya has over 20 baby dolls and each one has a name, style, and personality. She loves and cares for them all, but she prefers real babies! Karina and Anya and their hoard of baby dolls live together in their apartment in Providence, Rhode Island. When they aren’t changing diapers they like exploring new playgrounds, listening to audiobooks and swimming. When Karina isn’t momming or working you can find her reading, doing yoga, or at her family’s beach house.

Over the years Karina has been trained as a Newborn Care Specialist, a Postpartum Doula, an Integrative Sleep Consultant, a Lactation Educator and in Respectful Care for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers.


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