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This box is perfect for any parent who plans on breastfeeding or attempting to breastfeed. It includes not only tried and true products, but also a guide written by lactation consultants on how to use each product. Breastfeeding can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience...but it can also be hard, and even painful. We want every parent who wants to breastfeed to be set up for success! That means knowing what to expect, and being prepared!


There are countless breastpumps out there - each with their own benefits & drawbacks. This is our favorite simple to use & carry around breastpump.
  • Haaka - Easy to use suction breastpump.
Let's face it. While natural, breastfeeding can be uncomfortable sometimes - especially as you and baby are getting the hang of a good latch. From leaking to nipple pain, we have you covered:
  • Marly’s Monsters Nursing Pads - The softest washable nursing pads.
  • Motherlove Nipple Cream - The best cream to help sore nipples.
  • Lansinoh Soothing Gel Pads - A cool, soothing relief to help heal sore nipples.
  • Lil Buds Hot/Cold Packs - A comfort pack for your breast that can be used hot or cold.
As Newborn Care Specialists, we know that there is a lot to learn and keep track of with a new baby. We created these tools just for you:
  • Custom Jules and Anya Baby Tracker - As newborn care specialists, we know that there is a lot to learn and keep track of with a new baby. We created this tool to help you keep track of how much your baby is eating, sleeping and pooping. [$19 value].
  • Surprise Gift - From time to time we toss in free gifts that we find helpful.


The Breastfeeding Box is perfect for new parents who plan on nursing their baby. Nursing doesn't always go as smoothly as expected.Nobody is going to buy you ice packs for your nipples off your registry! They want to purchase cute baby hats and bibs that say funny things. That's why we're here! To tell you the things that work, that you'll actually USE!

[Most parents that choose to breastfeed their child plan on being away from them for more than a few hours at some point. The Breastfeeding Box pairs beautifully with the Bottle Box - with 6 bottle and nipple options to give your baby the best chance of finding one that they are willing to drink from!]

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