Why red light?

If you have read our Essential’s Guide you may have realized that we are a bit sleep centered [some may say obsessed]. We really want your baby sleeping 12 hours at night by 12 weeks and on a beautiful and effortless daytime schedule. A building block of quality sleep is babies setting up their days and their nights.

You may have heard the buzzword circadian rhythm before. It essentially means when you sleep and when you are awake. It’s why we get tired at 5pm in the winters when it gets dark so early, and it’s why toddlers like waking up at 5am in the summer!

Throughout almost all of human history the only artificial light we had was perhaps from some fire. After the sun went down it was generally dark until the sun came up. Turning on a bright overhead light is essentially telling your baby that it’s time to wake up! So we recommend almost complete darkness for your baby’s 12 hour overnight. [During the day expose them to natural daylight as often as possible during their awake times, but still let them sleep in a dim environment.]

We realize that overnight you will need to see your baby! Whether changing a diaper or checking to see if they have finished a bottle or even to see if their eyes are open or closed- you’re going to need some light.

We include the lumipet in our essential box with the hope that you will use it on the red light setting for these nighttime check-ins. Red light has no effect on the circadian clock. I actually have a nocturnal pet gecko and we use a red light in her tank at night. We can still see her and it doesn’t throw her whole eating and sleeping rhythms off!

*This is also why screens affect the quality of our sleep! They emit a blue light that cues in the wrong hormones in our bodies. Always turn off screens a couple hours before bed for infants, toddlers and small children.

Other red light options:

  • Red night light plug-ins
  • Himylain salt lamp [these are great because they usually have a dimmer switch].
  • Red light flashlight that you can clip to your pants

Recap on light and sleep:

  • Dark room overnight and for naps
  • Red light for overnight diaper changes and feedings
  • Exposure to light during daytime awake times

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