Why is a sound machine important?

The short answer to why a sound machine is important is because we want babies and toddlers to have a high quality of sleep!

In the womb, babies are surrounded by a constant and LOUD noise. The sound of blood rushing around the placenta is comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner. Hearing a similar noise can be very comforting and soothing to a new baby.

In addition to the familiarity, sound machines cut down on outside noise and set up sleep cues for your baby.

Outside Noise: Barking dogs, sirens, and Uncle Fred’s booming laughter may all wake your baby up suddenly if they are in a light stage of sleep. Many parents want their babies to be flexible and able to sleep in different environments. We understand that wish, and sound machines can be easily weaned off, if that is the goal. However, in the meantime, it’s best to meet your baby where they are at. High quality sleep is just as important as nutrition or anything else that helps your baby learn and grow.

Sleep Cues: Sleep cues are things that happen that tell your baby it is time to settle into sleep. Three easy sleep cues you can replicate in any environment are: a sound machine, dim lights and a swaddle [or sleep sack]. If you consistently offer your baby sleep with these cues your baby will start getting sleepy with no extra effort on your part!


When we were deciding what sound machine to add into our sleep and essentials box, we didn’t even stop to think about what brand to include. The answer was easy. Lectrofan is the top brand on the market. Each of their products produces a variety of sounds. Their sound quality is unmatched. Parents will be listening to the sound too so it needs to be something that is soothing and comforting to you! Some cheap sound machines can sound...cheap. Think static on a radio, high pitched and choppy. Lectrofan does have some of this “white noise” but also a range of brown, pink and fan sounds that are MUCH more pleasant to listen to. Also, their sound machines last! 

Sound machines are a highly useful tool during your baby’s first formative years! We stand strongly behind this recommendation.

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