Weaning off a Sound Machine

“We don’t want to use a sound machine because our baby will become addicted.”

An interesting point. But wouldn’t you also say that you are addicted to your blanket? Wouldn’t you have a less restful night of sleep if you were told to sleep without it? How about a pillow? What about the temperature in your room or a glass of water?

Just like you wouldn’t forget your blanket when you go camping or sleep at a friend’s house. You won’t forget to pack a sound machine for your baby. The lectrofan micro fits easily in your palm and is chargeable and wireless. And if it died you can always use an app on a phone, or a fan, or worst case- nothing. Your baby will still sleep without a sound machine. They just sleep BETTER when they have one.

That all being said, many parents still choose to wean their children off sound machines for a variety of personal reasons. The process is actually quick, simple and painless.

The Process:

  1. Every night lower the volume slightly.
  2. There is no step two.

Just keep lowering the volume until it’s quiet enough to barely hear. If it’s an older child they may cue in at some point and ask for their sound back. You can explain to them why you are no longer choosing to utilize sound in their sleep environment. Many older children may on their own ask not to use sounds, or they may ask for a different variation [Ex:ocean, storm].If you are doing this with an older baby or young toddler they likely won’t even notice what is happening.

Easy. Peasy.

If you have any unique experiences weaning from sound machines let us know!

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