But what if my baby doesn’t like being swaddled?

But what if my baby doesn’t like being swaddled?

This is a very difficult topic to talk about without sounding insensitive...because nine out of ten times, the baby doesn’t like being swaddled because they aren’t being swaddled correctly!

There are some rare babies who sleep better unswaddled, but when I say rare I mean RARE. Babies that have medical issues, and babies who bedshare are most commonly the babies who want/need to have mobile arms.

For the rest of the crabby swaddlers, here is what I recommend.

  1. Recommendations 2 and 3 will explain how to do this, but: SWADDLE TIGHTER. If your baby can wiggle their arms even the smallest amount they will fight and thrash to be let out. You want them SNUG.
  2. Watch some of our educational videos. It’s much easier to show you rather than tell you how to get a tight swaddle.
  3. Make sure you are using the correct swaddle. For babies under 6 weeks we recommend a muslin blanket swaddle with a Woombie or any zip/velcro swaddle over it. For babies over 6 weeks we recommend a miracle blanket. [This recommendation is based on size and parent’s comfort level. You can absolutely use the miracle blanket from day one if it works for you.]
  4. Assess the situation. Is swaddling really the problem? Are they sleeping like angels the moment you unswaddle them? Chances are, they aren’t sleeping well either way. If swaddling them tightly isn’t working- we recommend you follow the plan in our Essential Guide. Don’t want to spend time and money reading an 80 page guide? Here’s what you need to know: Put them down before they get overtired! That’s most often the culprit when babies aren’t napping/sleeping well.
  5. If you’ve gone through all this and your baby is just not about swaddling- you can try the Woombie or the Love to Dream. Both options will keep your baby’s arms and hands warm and also restrict the moro reflex without completely restricting their movement.

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