Arm Placement in a Swaddle

Arm Placement in a Swaddle

If you’ve looked at our products at all, you’ve already seen that we love swaddles. We have MULTIPLE different swaddles in our boxes.

A preemie baby or brand new baby needs to have their hands at their chest or their hands up by their cheeks/chin. Babies this little need to be able to wake themselves up to feed. They are also used to being squished up in a ball and they aren’t ready to relax their arms down by their sides yet.

A newborn baby can have their arms down by their sides if they don’t fight to keep their arms close to them. Parents can still choose to use the love to dream and the woombie as quick easy swaddle options for naps. However, the gunapod and the little unicorn muslin swaddling blankets are great options for arms down swaddles.

An infant/ older baby that still needs to be swaddled may need a little more support to stay arms down all night. This is where the miracle blanket comes in. Or when you can do a blanket swaddle with the woombie over it for extra support.

We include a variety of swaddles in our boxes so parents can get a glimpse of the different options on the market and what works best for YOU and your baby!

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