What is the Haaka?

The haaka is magic.The end.

Okay but seriously...it is. It’s a small silicone cup type contraption that you suction to the breast that you are not nursing off of. It stays there while you hands-free nurse off of the other side. Oftentimes women leak off of the breast they are not nursing on. This milk usually gets soaked up in a pad and wasted. The haaka catches this milk, and the very gentle stimulation can encourage a bit more milk flow as well. With no extra effort sometimes moms will get an extra oz each feeding. By the end of the day that is a full extra bottle that you can offer your baby when you have to run an errand!

Some women don’t respond to the Haaka at all. And other women respond TOO well and fill it up! Go by what feels best for your body. Even though it doesn’t work for everyone, we’ve found that it works for the majority of women, so it deserved a place in our breastfeeding box.

When storing milk from the haaka you can combine the milk from each feeding throughout the day in the fridge. You can combine multiple days but just know that it is only good for as long as the oldest drop of milk in there! Be aware that when your baby gets older and stronger they may kick the haaka right off your breast! You can try different positions so their little legs are away from the haaka. Or if your baby is older you may be able to manage a free hand to hold the haaka on your breast.

Some women HATE to pump, and this is a great alternative solution!

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