Why did we pick these bottles?

In our careers we have used oodles of bottles. We’ve probably all of the bottles that have been on the market in the last 15-20 years. And unfortunately, all bottles are not created equal. Some leak, some break, some are hard to clean. Some bottles have inconsistent nipple flows, and some bottles are actually made with types of plastic that can leach chemicals into your baby’s milk. [Ick]

The bottles we chose are some of the best quality, but it goes beyond that. We wanted to offer a variety of different types of bottles that would showcase what is on the market, and give a finicky baby the best opportunity to find a bottle that works for them.

After making a list of all the bottles that we love and trust, we narrowed it down to what bottle choices give the widest range of options. We included two glass bottles, and two plastic bottles. Two wide nipples, and two standard sized nipples[standard sized means narrower nipple/bottle]. And a range of flow options.

All babies have different mouth shapes and different preferences. Some babies will prefer different bottle shapes. Some babies may need an extremely slow flow while others will get frustrated and want a faster flow. Our flows range from preemie to level 1[0-3 months]. Including all of the nipple options our Bottle Box and Essential Box includes 6 different options. 

We offered all of these options with the thought that you will try them out, find the one you LOVE, and then purchase more of that kind. We hear all the time of parents buying expensive sets of bottles only to find out that their baby hates that type of bottle! We want every aspect of parenting to be as seamless as possible!

The bottles:

Dr. Browns is a common household name when it comes to bottles. We really love their wide mouth option. Their bottles come with a green plunger [old versions will have blue plungers] which helps reduce the air that the baby intakes. It takes an extra minute to wash the parts but we usually soak them in hot water before we wash which does half the work for you! They also sell a dishwasher holder specifically for their parts! This is one of the glass bottles. It’s heavier but they last through multiple babies and are a more natural option for a bottle that is used every day. We included two different nipple sizes for this option.

Lifefactory is a standard sized bottle with a twist, it’s glass. Their bottle has a silicone cover that comes attached which is great for when your baby is older and may want to hold it themselves! Glass bottles are thick and don’t break often...but they can break if dropped! Because this is a standard sized bottle, you can use any standard sized nipple in the collar. It’s a simple, easy to wash, basic bottle option. We included two nipple flows for this bottle as well.

MAM is a “standard sized” bottle with a twist. Their nipples are shaped differently than a regular nipple, and the base of their bottle is designed to reduce air flow. Similarly to the Dr. Browns, washing takes an extra step, but it can be worth it if it helps keep your baby’s tummy at ease. We’ve found that babies with tongue and lip ties often have luck using this bottle because of its unique shape.

Comotomo is a whole new twist on bottles in general. It’s a fully silicone bottle. So a soft bottle, designed to feel more like a breast when a baby grabs onto it. The nipple is designed so that the baby has more control of the flow. We’ve had really good success with breastfeeding babies taking this bottle seamlessly. They’re also very easy to clean because of how wide the mouth of the bottle is. And because it’s silicone it’s a cleaner option than plastic.

We never purchase bottles because companies ask us to, or because they are popular or because they have a big markup. We purchase products because we have used them, and LOVE them and feel that they are a benefit to you and your baby.

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